The Agency is firmly based on the exclusive representation of the well-known quality brands Aubade and Seafolly. Meanwhile, and with a quiet determination, we are continuously seeking to expand our portfolio with exciting and refreshing new brands such as Maaji. Our brands show an exciting diversity in style but always share a common denominator; they are all powerful brands, brands you will fall in love with at first sight.

My drive comes from a deep-rooted passion for design, for colors and shapes and for proportions.

Lucky with the gift of a creative mind and a with a natural eye for beauty. There is nothing I love more than to share my discoveries in fashion and to let them help you build a successful, coherent and exiting collection, a collection that is tailored specifically to your store or boutique.

After spending over 20 years in fashion I never stopped thriving on trends and embracing the new. I simply enjoy my life on the outlook for the latest developments. That’s how I built up a unique network which enabled me to create a blend of swimwear and lingerie brands from all corners of the world; Europe, Australia and Central America. A blend that I help tune with my retail clients to determine what works best together for their specific and individual stores. The aim is that common goal; to present the consumers with a continuously changing variation, one that will not only trigger their imagination but will also make them to come back for more!

Our agency serves the full range in retail, from the finest independent boutiques to multi-door stores and the main retail groups. We recognize that each and every one of these has its own needs. We enjoy sharing our proven concepts just as much as discussing ideas which hold a real promise for the future. We can help you develop store-in-store concepts, PR, advertising and, of course, we are available for product and sales training for your staff. This is how we create the difference and work with you in creating excitement and joy that will contribute to your boutique or stores success.

Make us part of a love affair with your store!